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Comprehensive Holistic and Herbal Consultation

$75.00 (Available on sliding fee scale)

30 minute consultation
-Holistic Healing Intake Report
-Personalized recommendations for:



NLP techniques

 other healing modalities, methods and exercises beneficial to your situation

Energy Healing 60 minutes

$75.00 (Available on sliding fee scale)

De-stress and Heal with a blend of Celtic Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, and NLP techniques along with Aromatherapy unique to your unique and individual healing needs.

Reflexology 30 minutes


Relax with the application of appropriate pressure to reflex points on the feet that correspond to organs and systems of the body. This stimulates energy flow and promotes self healing.

Herbal Wellness Package


-Comprehensive Holistic Evaluation 

-Personalized healing herbal blend

-Personalized Aromatherapy blend 

Complete Energy Healing Package

$240.00 (Available on sliding fee scale)

-Three 60 minute Energy Healing Sessions
-One 30 minute Reflexology Session
-One follow up phone call
-One text / email follow up

Energy Healing Herbal Wellness Package


This package is a combination of the Energy Healing Package and the Herbal Wellness Package. It includes:

- Comprehensive Holistic Evaluation

- Personalized healing herbal blend

-Personalized aromatherapy blend

-Three 60 minute Energy Healing Sessions

-One 30 Minute Reflexology Session

-One Follow up Phone Call

-One text/email follow up

Holistic Living Program


This three month mentorship program consists of nine holistic health coaching sessions, and three energy healing sessions. Holistic coaching sessions include herbal wellness and aromatherapy guidance. Included in this price is the comprehensive holistic evaluation, one package of  herbal infusion blend and one bottle of essential oil blend both created specifically for you.