Our Philosophy...

The legendary ancient isle of Avalon was once thought to be the spiritual home and place of learning for Celtic druidic priestesses. A sanctuary of peace and solitude where our ancient fore mothers learned the sacred arts of healing, this mythic paradise has long since passed into the mists of time, but it still dwells  within the hearts and minds of both men and women today. Not only do we see Avalon reflected in the mythic stories of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail in many modern movies, books and television programs, but the memory of Avalon is embedded into our very culture. We often see the name of Avalon being used on street signs, in neighborhoods, in names of businesses, and is even being used as a name for a car. Our minds may have forgotten the old ways, but our souls have not.

I  have dedicated myself to re-membering, re-claiming, and re-newing the ancient healing arts of the holy isle by combining in depth study of the mythology of Avalon and the study of current forms of holistic healing methods. Many of these healing modalities may have been utilized by the midwives and priestesses of Avalon in some form, and some of them would likely have been used if they had been available at the time. These priestesses were said to be well versed in herb and plant lore, and were well known for their ability to shamanistically access and channel universal energy in much the same way Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and other forms of energy healing are used today. These ancestresses were Wise Women. They were learned, knowledgeable healers dedicated to their spiritual path and to their people. I hope to re-new some of that wisdom and apply it in such a way as to bring a sense of harmony to a modern world.

Heather Kaminski B.A, Psych, BEd (EdPsych), is a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is a Certified Master Herbalist and holds certifications in many integrative healing modalities including Aromatherapy, Usui Reiki,  Crystal Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Reflexology, Neurolinguistic Programming, Holistic Counseling and Holistic Life Coaching. Heather has been an active priestess with the Celtic Mystery Tradition the Sisterhood of Avalon since 2007 and is a student with the Avalonian Theological Seminary. She utilizes the arts she has learned in her time within the SOA, and combines that knowledge  with her classwork outside of the sisterhood to create a unique healing experience. Currently, Heather is an ordained minister through Universal Ministries, she conducts life passage rituals, and facilitates women’s spirituality circles.  In her “past life” Heather was a teacher for both the Salvation Army and for the Calgary Public Board of Education, teaching and developing programs for special needs students. Prior to this, she worked as a Psychological Assistant to a therapist, assisting with individual counselling, and team leading support groups for youth healing from sexual abuse. Today she makes use of this experience by teaching women’s spirituality classes utilizing the “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” curriculum at Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church, and has created an online Udemy course exploring women’s spirituality through mythology entitled “The Lost Goddess; An Exploration of Herstory” . Heather has presented holistic healing workshops and classes for spiritual retreats and religious education.

Heather is dedicated to Remembering, Reclaiming and Renewing the healing arts and spirituality once held by our ancient fore mothers which in mythology, was said to have been practiced and taught by the learned priestesses of Avalon. Heather believes that in healing ourselves in body, mind and spirit, we take our first steps towards healing our Earth Mother and all of her beloved children.

You can contact Heather at:  832-458-8669 or email heatherkaminski@avalonholistichealing.com